June 28th, 2015


Clearly someone about to go on holiday.

There’s an urgency and importance to this list, I almost felt bad for finding it, and could imagine the (presumably female) owner rushing back through Liverpool ONE for it because there’s such a wide range of things on it that might have made not just the holiday but also the other people’s birthdays, especially the idea of the Elvis book.

At this point, I start to think of Freud, of The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and the notions of memory and remembering, and feel the first pangs of guilt in terms of really wishing that the author got all they needed before the important events, including their holiday – and those flight socks.


June 28th, 2015


Now, I found this list on a Sunday and I can only assume it was made in a hungover glaze.

One can only imagine the need for milk for cups of tea, parakeets for the headaches, papers to read in bed, longer life milk for use in work in the week, and perhaps kitchen roll to wipe up sick?

A well written list, therefore, especially for someone who’d been out the night before.

033 (SCREW-IN)

June 28th, 2015


What I love about this is that it’s not for anything food wise, it actually looks to be simply for a light bulb and is in so much detail that it might not actually be for someone who knows what they are on about, hence the specific info that would be needed in Wilkies or Poundstretcher.

I can imagine an older woman reading out the list to a bored employee, and having been in situations when emergencies have resulted in my buying the wrong type of lightbulb which only came to, ahem, light upon returning home, I just hope it was all ok.


June 28th, 2015


A poultry heavy list, the writing itself leaves some questions but the main part is, why so much chicken?

What looks like three different types, in a list of only six items, seems a strange domination compared to some of the balanced lists that have come so far and will be appearing soon.

Some salad, some fruit, lots of protein. Chicken fans then, is the only real summation I can get from this example. Or chocken…

031 (RECIPE)

June 28th, 2015


A quite impressive list. It focuses on some high quality ingredients and was nicely written. Sometimes it’s difficult to critique a list, you just accept it for what it is and it is, in its own right, a shopping list of diversity and some quality.

Anne Frank might have described it, however, as a bundle of contradictions, featuring as it does a mixture of dairy and then soya, meat and then quorn, and lots of cleaning products which suggest someone very hygiene conscientious.

What intrigues me most is the recipe at the top, though… What was it? Which ingredients were included?Did they make it?

It’s disconcertingly vague to mention a recipe and then not put it in the list, almost as if it had been learnt by heart – perhaps a romantic gesture?

Who knows.